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Hotel 5 estrellas ABaC Barcelona

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Atempo Restaurant

Atempo Restaurant, located at The Mirror Barcelona Hotel, with Chef Jordi Cruz (3* Michelin) offers a varied gastronomic proposal that goes from the simple classic recipes to more complex creations to delight our diners.

Atempo, is a bistró inspired on classic “film noir” cinema from the 20s, the setting is based on real-life size characters.The staff, all dressed in black, with tie, white suspenders and vintage hat, reinforce an atmosphere that brings us to Chicago, where the mafias and Al Capone were the main characters.

The design proposal follows the concept created by Chef Jordi Cruz, that refers to the traditional Bistró and where classic dishes of international cuisine will be offered. 

Also, the kitchen, is a seen through with a panoramic space, allowing visitors to see the team working.

A complete and large wine cellar is on sight, with a wine list selected by our sumillers and which are associated as appropriate accompaniment to eachone of the dishes from our menu. They can be tasted by glasses or by bottle

The team: The Michelin starred Chef Jordi Cruz on the head and Quim Gabarró as Head Chef, with a team of professionals, trained in the kitchens of ABaC Restaurant offers brand new opctions.

Restaurant Atempo
Còrsega, 255 – Barcelona 08036 / Tel: + 34 93 202 8685 

OPENING HOURS: 13:30 - 15:30 and 20:30 – 23:00
CLOSING DAYS: Sunday nights- Mondays - Tuesdays middays 
HOLIDAYS: We don't close for holidays


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