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Hotel 5 estrellas ABaC Barcelona

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Contribution to the Environment

At THE MIRROR BARCELONA our aim is to contribute to the improvement of our environment. Right from the outset we clearly defined and evaluated a system of socio-cultural and environmental policies and procedures. Consequently, when we set our business goals and objectives, it is always from the basis of sustainability.

Our goal is to offer the very best in service and to this end we take our clients’ suggestions and comments very seriously indeed, so that together we can ensure the sustainability of THE MIRROR.

Social Management

THE MIRROR Barcelona actively supports any initiatives aimed at social development and improved infrastructure in the Community, including:

  • Supporting the local community through employment, with 90% of our staff, including Managerial positions, recruited from local residents.
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Fair Trade: Km0 ingredients sourced locally to support local produce and businesses, whilst at the same time enhancing the culinary experience of our guests.

Cultural and Environmental Heritage

At THE MIRROR Barcelona we believe strongly in the need to embrace the main pillars of sustainability: generating economic welfare, improving the environment and assuming social responsibility. These goals form the basis of what we do and why we have undertaken the following:

  • The recovery and modernization of an "Eixample" building, reinterpreting the traditional structure so iconic of the property in that area of Barcelona.
  • Next generation, energy-efficient and individually controlled air conditioning.
  • Energy efficient inspired Domotica lighting system.
  • Solar panels to power water heating.
  • Grey water recycling system for toilet cisterns.
  • Windows and openings to optimize the natural light throughout the hotel .
  • High quality walls to maximize energy performance.
  • Hotel policy of "No Printing".
  • Metering the use of consumables and disposables.

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